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"I have told my voice students for many years that there are thousands of people who can sing a beautiful song, but few and far between are those who can so move your heart that you forget where you are for the three to four minutes of the song. Likewise, there is one step greater than a speaker or trainer who can offer a powerful, innovative presentation...that is the one who can reach in and squeeze your heart causing you to forget where you are for the moment and SEE yourself where you want to be! This one quality completely determines what you take away from any gathering and how it affects the rest of your life! I completely agree with the old saying, "The person who works with their hands only is a laborer; the person who works with their hands and their head is a craftsman; the person who works with their hands, their head and their heart is an artist." ~Rita

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"It's rare that a singer can instantly capture the hearts of 1200 people all in one moment; that's exactly what Rita did during the grand opening ceremony during the 2010 National Speakers Asoociation convention. She has a gripping presence on stage that draws the audience in and a powerful voice that fills people up with encouragement, peace, and hope." Rory Vaden, Motivational Speaker and Author of Take the Stairs, Southwest Consulting.

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Concert Soloist & Music Instructor
Published Author & Consultant
Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker

124 Aurene Road ~ Gadsden, Alabama 35904 

Rita Young Allen...Southern Belle
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Jacksonville State University
Master of Science in Management (Healthcare Administration) from Troy University

Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music
Associate of Science in Music Education, Vocal Performance

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